HomeKit-Enabled D-Link Omna Camera Gains New Features in App Update

D-Link's HomeKit-enabled Omna 180 Cam HD home security camera today gained new functionality through a major app update that brings important new features to the device.

The user interface of the app has been improved and it's no longer quite as slow when you open it up, which is a major plus.

There's a new pinch-to-zoom feature that allows you to zoom in on the video feed from the camera, a new toggle lets the night vision feature to be turned off if desired, and there's now support for event notifications when motion is detected. It's also possible to turn off the LED indicator light on the camera following the update.

Both video clips and snapshots taken with the camera can be saved to a local album from the microSD card from the playback menu, and for users who don't have an Apple TV or an iPad to enable remote viewing, there's now a built-in remote live streaming feature.

Customers who own the Omna 180 Cam HD can download the new update in the iOS App Store. Following the update, new firmware will need to be downloaded to the camera through the Settings section of the Omna app. Along with today's iOS update, D-Link released a new app for Android, enabling Android compatibility.

The Omna, one of the first cameras to support HomeKit, is an in-home security camera with a wide-angle lens, night vision support, and a two-way microphone, among other features. It records all data to a microSD card and does not offer a cloud upload feature.

We reviewed the Omna when it first launched earlier this year and some of the features that were implemented today were among our chief complaints with the device.

D-Link recently lowered the price of the Omna, and it is now available for purchase from the Apple Store for $149.95.

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