Apple Watch Bands Begin Selling Out Ahead of Probable Spring 2019 Refresh

Apple Watch bands have been refreshed on a seasonal basis for the past few years, and it looks like that trend will continue in spring 2019, as many of the current fall 2018 bands are now out of stock on Apple's online store.

Fall 2018 bands now listed as sold out:
  • 40mm and 44mm Sport Bands in Hibiscus, Mellow Yellow, and Pacific Green, plus 40mm in Blue Horizon
  • 40mm and 44mm Nike Sport Bands in Olive Flak/Black and Smokey Mauve/Particle Beige
  • 40mm Sport Loops in Cape Cod Blue and Nectarine
  • 40mm Nike Sport Loop in Smokey Mauve
  • 44mm Leather Loops in Forest Green
  • 40mm Modern Buckles in Cape Cod Blue, Forest Green, and Peony Pink
  • 40mm Hermès Double Tours in Indigo/Craie/Orange and Bordeaux/Rose Extrême/Rose Azalée
Apple could unveil its spring 2019 bands in a press release on March 21, the first day of spring, as it did last year. Apple is also expected to host a March 25 event, but little to no hardware is expected. Either way, we're likely a few weeks away from new bands if another refresh is planned.

Apple likes to brighten up its Apple Watch bands in the spring, although not quite as much as its vibrant summer bands. Spring 2018 colors included Lemonade, Red Raspberry, Denim Blue, Soft Pink, Spring Yellow, and others. Sport, Sport Loop, and Woven Nylon bands are $49 and Classic Buckles are $149.

All bands are compatible with every generation of the Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch Gains New Band Colors in Sport, Sport Loop, Leather, and Stainless Steel

Amid the reveal of the Apple Watch Series 4, today Apple refreshed its band lineup with new colors for Fall 2018. There is no major new Apple Watch band style this season, like the introduction of the Sport Loop and Woven Nylon following previous events, but there are quite a few new colors to match the new iPhone cases.

To start, there are three new Sport Band colors: Nectarine, Blue Horizon, and Lavender Gray. These join existing Sport Band colors like Stone, Midnight Blue, Pink Sand, White, Black, and (PRODUCT)Red. Sport Bands run for $49.00 in the United States. There are no new Nike Sport Bands being sold individually.

Next up, the Sport Loop has added five new colors: Cape Cod Blue, Nectarine, Hibiscus, Storm Gray, and Indigo. You can also still buy the Pink Sand, Seashell, and Black Sport Loops. These also sell for $49.00 on

In leather, the Modern Buckle has gained new Peony Pink, Forest Green, Cape Cod, and Ruby (PRODUCT)Red options, all available in 40mm case sizes only. The Leather Loop (44mm only) has received Forest Green and Cape Cod as well, and the existing Stone option remains available. All of these run for $149.00.

On the more expensive side of things, Hermès has four new bands. There are two new Double Tour options, in Indigo/Craie/Orange Swift Leather and Bordeaux/Rose Extrême/Rose Azalée Swift Leather. Both of these are color blocked and match exclusive watch faces found on Apple Watch Series 4 Hermès editions, and cost $489.00.

The other two new bands are the same colors in Single Tour, which runs for $339.00.

Lastly, there's just one new color in the stainless steel section of Apple's bands webpage: a new Gold Milanese Loop for $149.00. You can also still buy the Silver and Space Black Milanese Loop, and now the Space Black option is priced the same as all the others at $149.00.

All bands are now available to purchase on

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Apple Removes 14 Apple Watch Bands From Website, Many Others ‘Sold Out’ Ahead of September Event

We're just under one month from Apple's annual September iPhone event, which should also see the debut of the Apple Watch Series 4. Alongside each new edition of the Apple Watch, Apple typically updates its array of band accessories with new colors and styles. Echoing shortages from previous years, it appears that numerous Apple Watch bands have either been removed or are currently unavailable to purchase on ahead of next month's event, as spotted by Reddit user ScaniaCB80.

Apple has long been upfront about its plan to offer seasonal availability of many new Apple Watch bands, with various styles and colors available only for a few weeks before disappearing from its official website. Still, massive removals and shortages like this week's have been a consistent indicator for new band refreshes, as the same events in June 2016, February 2017, and May 2018 have preceded fresh band colors and styles in September 2016, March 2017, and June 2018, respectively.

As of this morning, 14 bands across the Sport Loop and Sport Band families have been removed from in the United States:

Sport Loop
- Marine Green
- Hot Pink
- Flashlight
- Tahoe Blue
- Midnight Fog (Nike)
- Cargo Khaki (Nike)
Sport Band
- Marine Green
- Sky Blue
- Denim Blue
- Red Raspberry
- Lemonade
- Cargo Khaki/Black (Nike)
- Barely Rose/Pearl Pink (Nike)
- Black/White (Nike)

It appears that no other band types have seen removals, but many are sold out:

Sport Loop
- Dark Olive
- Spicy Orange
- Pearl Pink (Nike)
- Bright Crimson/Black (Nike, 38mm)

Sport Band
- Peach
- Dark Teal
- Spicy Orange
- Pure Platinum/White (Nike)

Classic Buckle
- Spring Yellow (42mm)
- Electric Blue
- Soft Pink (42mm)

Woven Nylon
- Pride (42mm)
- Pink Stripe
- Blue Stripe (38mm)
- Gray Stripe (42mm)
- Black Stripe (38mm)
- Spicy Orange Check
- Berry Check (38mm)
- Dark Olive Check
- Midnight Blue Check
A large portion of the sold-separately Hermès bands are also unavailable to purchase at this time. As in previous years, the wording for each unavailable model isn't Apple's usual "Currently Unavailable" that typically appears when an item is temporarily out of stock for an undetermined period of time, but a more definitive "Sold Out."

The Sport Loop now has one of the lowest available stock on, with just four colors up for purchase in both 38mm and 42mm sizes. There are still eight colors of the Sport Band available to buy with the usual 2-day shipping estimate, although the Midnight Blue 38mm model is currently seeing a delivery estimate as far back as September 14 - 21 for free shipping.

In contrast, it appears that all of the Apple Watch Series 3 collections are still available to purchase on in the U.S., in both GPS or GPS + Cellular, with the exception of many Hermès collections. This is a bit less common, as the collections (which bundle an Apple Watch case with a pre-determined band) have routinely seen shortages alongside the individual band shortages over the past few years.

Bands still available to purchase include every version of the Milanese Loop and Link Bracelets, which now date back to the launch of the original Apple Watch in 2015. Apple's more recent band refreshes have shied away from the expensive fashion side of the Apple Watch (which was a selling point of the original), now focusing on fitness and low-cost bands that can survive workouts and other external conditions.

As usual, stock shortages on are far from a definitive confirmation of incoming hardware, but the timing does line up if Apple refreshes the bands next month alongside the Apple Watch Series 4. The new Apple Watch is expected to have a slightly new design with a 15 percent larger display, likely due to minimized bezels.

Just yesterday, six new Apple Watch model numbers were filed with the Eurasian Economic Commission, further confirming an incoming launch of the Apple Watch Series 4. Although specific hardware details will have to wait for Apple's keynote, as of now it's expected for Apple to continue supporting legacy Apple Watch bands on the Apple Watch Series 4.

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Apple Watch Bands in Spring Collection Begin to Dwindle in Availability

If you want an Apple Watch band in Lemonade, Denim Blue, or Red Raspberry, you may want to place your order sooner rather than later.

A handful of Apple Watch bands in the limited time Spring Collection are beginning to face limited to no availability through Apple's online store in select countries, nearly two months after they were first released. At least some of the bands remain available at select Apple retail stores for walk-in purchases.

Bands listed as "currently unavailable" via Apple's online store in United States:
  • 38mm Classic Buckle in Electric Blue
  • 38mm Classic Buckle in Soft Pink
  • 42mm Classic Buckle in Soft Pink
  • 38mm Sport Band in Lemonade
  • 42mm Sport Band in Lemonade
  • 38mm Sport Band in Denim Blue
  • 42mm Sport Band in Denim Blue
  • 42mm Sport Loop in Marine Green
  • 42mm Nike Sport Loop in Pearl Pink
  • 38mm Nike Sport Band in Barely Rose/Pearl Pink
  • 42mm Nike Sport Band in Barely Rose/Pearl Pink
Apple also appears to have notified some of its authorized resellers that these and many other Apple Watch bands, plus its discontinued AirPort router lineup, are "no longer available to order" and "will be removed" from their stores shortly, according to an unverified tip received by MacRumors today.

Apple indicated that each of these bands would only be available for a limited time, and it's common for inventory of Apple Watch bands to fluctuate. It's unclear if availability will be replenished at some point.

The shortage of Spring Collection bands could foreshadow Apple's plans to unveil a new Summer Collection of bands, perhaps at WWDC in June, as it did last year with Sport Bands in Mist Blue, Pollen, and Flamingo, and a Pride Edition of the Woven Nylon band. Apple often refreshes its bands each season.

Looking ahead, former KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the fourth-generation Apple Watch will feature a new design with a 15 percent larger display. It's unclear if the physical size of the Apple Watch will change, and if that will have any effect on compatibility with existing bands.

(Thanks, Glenn!)

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Apple Watch Gets New Spring Collection of Bands, Available to Order Later This Month

Apple today debuted a new Spring Collection of Apple Watch bands, available to order from and at select Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Resellers across the United States and other countries later this month.

Woven Nylon bands now include an updated stripe pattern, and there's new colors of the Sport Band, Sport Loop, and Classic Buckle.
  • Sport Band in Denim Blue, Lemonade, and Red Raspberry
  • Woven Nylon in Black Stripe, Blue Stripe, Gray Stripe, and Pink Stripe
  • Sport Loop in Flash Light, Hot Pink, Marine Green, and Tahoe Blue
  • Classic Buckle in Spring Yellow, Electric Blue, and Soft Pink
Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) will include new 38mm and 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Loop models.

Apple said the Nike Sport Loop will now be sold separately in a variety of colors matching with the latest Nike running shoes. There's also new colors for the Nike Sport Band, which Apple already sells separately:
  • Nike Sport Loop in Black/Pure Platinum, Bright Crimson/Black, Cargo Khaki, Midnight Fog, and Pearl Pink
  • Nike Sport Band in Barely Rose/Pearl Pink, Black/White, and Cargo Khaki/Black
Apple Watch Nike+ (GPS + Cellular) will include new 38mm and 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Midnight Fog Nike Sport Loop models.

For Apple Watch Hermès, the Single Tour Rallye and Double Tour bands now display contrasting paint details:
  • 38mm Double Tour in Indigo with rouge H polished edge and rouge H contrasted loop
  • 38mm Double Tour in Blanc with rouge H polished edge and rouge H contrasted loop
  • 42mm Single Tour Rallye in Indigo with rouge H polished edge and rouge H contrasted loop
  • 42mm Single Tour Rallye in Blanc with rouge H polished edge and rouge H contrasted loop
Apple's press release outlines complete pricing and availability information for the new Spring Collection bands and models.

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