CES 2019: Alpine Previews New CarPlay Receivers, One Features Oversized 9-Inch Hovering Screen

Alpine Electronics at CES 2019 this week debuted two new in-car multimedia receivers with wired CarPlay and Android Auto support.

The new iLX-W650 receiver features a seven-inch anti-glare capacitive touchscreen with a shallow chassis that measures 2.4-inches deep, allowing for the system to fit into vehicles that do not have a lot of depth behind the dashboard. The receiver has a so-called mech-less design with no CD/DVD slot.


The iLX-W650 also features an amp-stacking capability that enables Alpine's new KTA-450 amplifier to fit in the open space behind the receiver using an included bracket. The combined depth of the iLX-W650, KTA-450, and mounting bracket equals less than the depth of a standard double-DIN chassis.

The iLX-W650 in tandem with the KTA-450 amplifier won a CES 2019 Innovation Award in the In-Vehicle Audio/Video category.

Other features include standard Bluetooth music playback, SiriusXM readiness, and three 4V pre-outs that allow aftermarket speakers, subwoofers, additional amplifiers, and sound processors to be added. Two camera inputs sold separately allow for the addition of multiple cameras, including a rear-view camera.

Alpine also added a second model to its Halo9 product lineup. Like last year's iLX-F309, the new iLX-F259 receiver features a nine-inch touchscreen that "hovers" over the dashboard, allowing the oversize screen to be added to a variety of vehicles without the need for custom installation.

The screen is attached to an adjustable mount that is connected to a traditional single-DIN chassis. It can be tilted at four pre-set angle points to better match the tilt and height of the dashboard and can be positioned up to 20mm deeper and up to 30mm lower than the default position during installation.

Other features of the iLX-F259 include a mech-less design with no CD/DVD slot, standard Bluetooth music playback, SiriusXM readiness, and one rear-view camera input with the option to add additional camera inputs sold separately.

Both receivers have a USB port for connecting an iPhone with a Lightning to USB cable, but Alpine does have a wireless CarPlay receiver available. Kenwood and JVC also unveiled several wireless CarPlay receivers this week.

The iLX-W650 and iLX-F259 will be available in March for suggested prices of $500 and $800 USD respectively at authorized Alpine retailers.

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CES 2018: Alpine Electronics Reveals 9-Inch Aftermarket CarPlay System That ‘Hovers’ in Front of Dash

Alpine Electronics at CES today unveiled a new aftermarket CarPlay system with a "hover" design that floats in front of the vehicle's dashboard instead of being embedded directly into it. The company said that the iLX-F309 "doesn't require custom installation," but professional help will still likely be needed to remove existing infotainment systems before installing the iLX-F309.

Alpine's receiver includes a 9-inch touch screen and will fit in "a variety of vehicles." The 9-inch screen is slightly larger than the average 6-to-7-inch screen size of many other aftermarket CarPlay systems, and Alpine pointed out that the hover design will bring the larger display into vehicles that were previously restricted to dashboards with smaller form factors.

The system uses a 1-DIN chassis and an adjustable mount to give the hover effect after installation. In its announcement, Alpine Electronics described some of the installation mechanics of the iLX-F309 and how users will be able to adjust its angle:
The 9-inch screen is attached to an adjustable mount connected to a 1-DIN chassis. Once installed, the screen and mount are fixed to the chassis for a sturdy installation. The screen hovers over or in front of the dash while its rear housing tapers off cleanly at the edges for a thin and modern silhouette. At its default position, the screen's sliding mount is pushed out, sitting at a 90 degree angle and the bottom of the screen is centered with the 1-DIN chassis.

At this point, the screen can be angled at select positions to assist during installation, help with visibility, or move it away from other items on the dashboard. The screen can be positioned 20 millimeters (mm) back from its default position, to move it closer to the dashboard. It can be moved up or down 30mm from its default position and can be tilted up or down at a maximum of 45 degrees, depending on the position of the up/down location.
In addition to CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, the new system is also an AM/FM receiver with video support. The system doesn't include a CD or DVD slot, but there is a USB port, AUX input, and an HDMI input. The company mentioned that it has Bluetooth technology for audio streaming, but it doesn't appear to include Wi-Fi or support for wireless CarPlay connectivity, like the company's iLX-107.

Multiple add-ons are available for the iLX-F309, including a CD/DVD player, a second HDMI input, and rear/side cameras to see behind the vehicle as it's backing up. Alpine Electronics authorized retailers will begin selling the new system in February for $1,100.

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